Depends on who the brother is...

"Man, your sister is sooo pretty!"

Such quotation as the one above comes from my friends - male and female creatures alike- when they see my sister's picture (or see her in real life) for the first time.

My usual reply to them is,

"Ya jelas toh... Siapa dulu dong kakaknya.. Hahahaha" ("Of course, that depends on who the brother is... Lolz")

That reply is exactly why I take a bit of my own troubles to 'show off' my sister's pics in order to display a bit of my so-called attractive genes.

Most people who sees my sister could not even believe that we are related to one another, as they think that I look so different from her (though my Depok friends had said otherwise, haha).

Don't worry, I know what you people are thinking. If you think that I'm a bit of attention-seeker these days, then I'd say that I totally agree with you. Because I surely am. Happy

Meanwhile, I got these ad parodies from my junior Basta's blog.

Copyright belongs to him... err, I mean, to Media Nuansa.

(Apologies extended to my non-Indonesian readers for being unable to translate the ads messages this time round. The humour could only be grasped by Indonesian audience anyways, whom I am sure must be smiling to themselves right now...)

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