The borders and differences

Sometimes when I study the world history and the countries' respective boundaries, I imagine what kind of world would it be like if there are no borders.

In its actual form, there is no such thing called country border. There surely are walls, yes, but try taking those walls away and there surely be no difference between the geographical features of one country and the next.

I just wonder if only the world's people are united under one single government, with all the existing entities turned into provinces, what kind of peaceful harmony would we have! Separatism would be nonextant, and the best governments (such as those of Norway, Japan, or Canada) are able to manage the poor locations such as sub-Saharan Africa.

But nah, it's just one naive streak of mine.

I know such a thing called "one unified world government" is freaking impossible since human societies are per se more concerned about their own racial, linguistic, and religious differences rather than looking for similarities.

By nature, we are always concerned of other people's ethnicity, ideology, loyalty, faiths, habits, beauty, etc.

Nobody could deny such a fact because we are born like that.

That's what being human is all about.

We are born to judge others in accordance to our own mind sets. You are born to judge me, and vice versa.

Even if one person don't say it, one cannot pretend that one has certain dispositions of the other.

You may think that I don't have certain secret dispositions of you, but no, as a matter of fact; I do!

For example, I hate people who smoke. I always do my best to stay away from them.

But what would I do if I befriend a certain person and find him/her smoking one day?

Of course I would keep it to myself.

I hate seeing him/her smoking, but I just couldn't possibly just say, "Hey, why are you smoking? I hate people who smoke, you know?"

That would end a friendship, for certain.

And of course I would never say such a thing (because I have never said anything about smoking despite the fact that I know Linda, Duli and Citra inhale cigars).

The friend in question has his/her own freedom of choice to smoke or not to smoke, just as I have the freedom to binge or not to binge.

I just thank goodness that there is this thing called "tolerance". Tolerance enables us to refrain from saying out those bad things we have in mind of other people.

I know that certain people cannot refrain from having their own gross dispositions of me. There are certain things that they intensely dislike of me, such as me being a "semi-autistic weirdo"? Or perhaps a "constant whiner with a weird hairstyle"? Or what about an "ugly Persian who stays untalkative all the time"?


Yeah, I'm surprised too to know how much do I know about their thoughts!

They could deny it, but I know that some of those thoughts exist in their minds. They never say such things in front of me, but trust me, I usually know what people say of me when they talk behind me.

They just don't say it to me directly because they cherish the friendship they have with me, just as I cherish my friendship with theirs.

Some call it intuition, some call it sixth sense.

I prefer to call it "common sense".

That is why I myself refrain from saying my own gross thoughts of them.

I rarely gossip about my friends behind their backs, but when I do, things could get pretty nasty. The reputation of the friend concerned could get turned upside down from a "prom king" into a "constant wanker" with just several decorative metaphors from my tongue.

Which is why I choose to refrain from gossiping about my friends behind their backs.

I think they should refrain from gossiping about me too, because it pretty much bothers me to know what is inside their heads.

It's nasty, don't you think? If gossiping is sinful, why should we continue such a nasty habit?

Anonymous –   – (2 September 2008 at 03:41)  

even our houses have borders and walls though we still live side by side very well with our neighbours.

so does a country or a nation.

i think it's natural thing for human to have their own privacy area. due to their basic needs of course. some things that they want to keep them inside without hurting tolerancy, harmony of living of other people's.

we both have social and solitary needs, we are amid creatures i guess :)

toshi  – (3 September 2008 at 20:19)  

@yonna: yes, and that's basically what being human is all about, right? :)

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