Why are the Singapore polytechnics so well-admired in Indonesia?

For you JC students in Singapore, perhaps this entry below could provoke some laughter. Feel free to laugh yourself out! Big Grin

I'm always amused to see how well reputable Singapore polytechnics are in the eyes of Indonesian students.

Last year, a highschooler friend of mine talked how cool it is to enter a polytechnic in Singapore.

"Cool? What on earth is so cool about poly?" I asked him.

"Well, people have talked about the reputation of those polytechnics in Singapore... I've heard about how cool those places are. Don't you agree, T?"

"Not in the least. Only those who aren't qualified enough to enter colleges go to such places. I would much prefer to enrol in an obscure Indonesian college myself than enterring a polytechnic, ever"

"Oh really? Gee, the standard of education in Singapore must be very high!"

I grinned, "It sure is."

QY  – (22 August 2008 at 22:54)  

why did you tell ur frd the inconvenient truth?
singapore tourism board should ban you from entering singapore for life...lol

boonsp  – (22 August 2008 at 23:51)  

I don't quite agree with you. Singapore poly is not that bad and not only for rejected people. Some students even those who are qualified fo Junior Colleges choose to go to Polys because of the practicality of the courses. In Junior Colleges you study theoritical stuff which may not be useful. On the other hands, Polys offer more pratical stuff. To be honest, I don't mind to go poly. It's just that I can't (u know why rite?). Polys have seemingly bad names because of the only-grades-matter society which deem whoever do not make it to the mainstream schools are failures.

toshi  – (26 August 2008 at 12:16)  

@qy: hmm i dont think they would want to ban me, lolz. I had done more good than harm towards Singapore's reputation in my blog, and they owe me a lot in that ;)

@boon: actually the argument in this blog entry isn't about a quality education... i was arguing about "how cool the polies are", don't u see? hehe..

but of course, whether a person enters poly or not does not necessarily mean that one is a dumb at that, because i don't mean to signify as such in this post :)

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