Thoughts on drinking and smoking

I drink but I don't smoke.

I enjoy all those tipsy feelings that I get after a sip of beer/wine, but in the case of smoking (whether passively or actively), I decide to pass. Because I'm asthmatic.

And for you smokers out there, do you realise that 90% of lung cancer sufferers in Asia are smokers? You may argue whatever you like regarding this possibly fallacious reasoning, but I do think that those Singaporean health officials have a point when they disclosed that information on lung cancer.

Which is why I am turned off by girls who smoke.

I don't normally judge a girl's inner beauty by their manners or habits. I don't mind knowing her having tattoos or clubbing or drinking or even necking, but if I ever find her smoking, then..... Yeah, you can say that it pretty much changes the way I see her.

Girls who smoke are a definite no-no.

(Mind you, the number of smokers in my own extended family is quite low and I'm not usually close to people who smoke, so you may expect me to regard that cigar-inhaling hobby as a quite foreign attitude)

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