No Action Talk Only

Ever since the start of this year -You know, with me turning 18 and all the new year resolutions I've promised myself- I have been doing a lot of goal-outlinings but little implementation.

In fact, there could be perhaps as low as 10% of my programmes that have been implemented.


How could I aspire to my goals if I always think about those plans all the time but don't implement them?

I think I should focus less planning, and more on implementing.

On the Northen Hemisphere, Michael Phelps -an American swimmer who is now competing in the Beijing Olympics- have got a similar view on NATO. Regarding people's talks of his goal to reach seven gold records, he says:

"You guys talk about it... I don't talk about it. I just get in the water and compete"

Apparently, Phelps and I are running on the same wavelengths!

(if only I could emulate his successes in swimming! LOL)

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