List of my favourite TV series

Below is a list of my fave series, ranked from my most favourite title in No.1.


  1. School Rumble. The funniest anime, ever.
  2. Full Metal Panic Fumoffu! This spin-off of the first season is simply better than its original.
  3. Kamichu! A relaxing watch.
  4. Ginban Kaleidoscope. Quite inspirational series about ice-skating.
  5. Yakitate! Japan. Makes me wanna cook, I love it! (the mangaka seems to have some kind of bread fetish...)
  6. Midori no Hibi. With its light-hearted theme, it has the best OST of all the anime series I have watched.
  7. Jigoku Shoujo. It's best to watch this in the evening.
  8. Tsubasa Chronicles. Reminds me of Singapore, when I watched this series till late in the morning with Boon's Acer.
  9. Shaman King. I never finished watching this series, simply because those dumbs at ANTV/Global TV always repeat the same episodes over and over again.
  10. Hamtaro. A very light-hearted anime.
  11. Air TV. The anime's story plot actually gets a bit confusing in the middle, with all its flashbacks. But it has great graphic details, you shouldn't miss watching this series.
  12. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. The saddest anime I had watched... Don't watch this if you hate mellow-themed series.
  13. Green Green. Quite sickening in its heavy H-theme, funny notwithstanding.
  14. Blood+. Best to watch this in the evening.


  1. Goong (aka. Princess Hours). Best Korean drama ever... I have deliberately chosen to skip the ending.
  2. Sassy Girl Chunhyang. Great OST, good storyline.
  3. Royal Prince's First Love. Brings us Indonesians to Bali! A bit mellow, though.
  4. Full House. With its light-hearted theme, this is simply the funniest Korean series.
  5. My name is Kim Sam Soon. Quite light-hearted too. Though the main actress turned chubby for this series, you'd love watching it notwithstanding.
  6. Jewel in the Palace (aka. Jang Geum). Of course, who doesn't like this series?
  7. Sad Love Story. Be prepared to cry from the beginning till the end. The saddest ever.


  1. Nodame Cantabile. Hmmm Musical, attractive casts, what else? It's just too bad that Uehara Misa (the most beautiful Japanese actress, IMHO) played a bit of antagonistic role in this series.
  2. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. This drama used to hold the top spot until I watched Nodame.
  3. Attention Please!. Aya Ueto plays a naive role in this series, LOL. I first spotted Uehara Misa from this series.
  4. Great Teacher Onizuka. Very inspirational indeed... Teaches us a lot of Japanese familial and education values. Just take caution not to watch the anime version though... you'll simply waste your time and money
  5. One Litre of Tears. Quite touching, it was based on a real-life story.
  6. Hana Yori Dango. A much better version than the Taiwanese "Meteor Garden".
  7. Love Generation. The oldest Japanese drama I have watched. Brings us an insight into what a typical salaryman romance life looks like a decade ago in Tokyo.


  1. Desperate Housewives. I recalled getting very addicted with the series that I finished the entire Season One in just one night. Could you believe that? It was the longest streak of movie marathon I had been in, LOLZ.
  2. Heroes. Despite its title, we don't see the typical Marvel comicbooks-type of heroes... Which is why I love this series.
  3. Ugly Betty. I never watched the original in telenovela, but suffice to say that this NYC version has a better cut.
  4. Ghost Whisperer. Oh come on, who doesn't love this series with Jennifer Love Hewitt as the main cast (and apparently, producer too)?
  5. CSI: Miami. Season 1-3 is OK, but from season 4 afterwards it gets kinda repetitive in the story plot.

bloggerbercerita  – (6 August 2008 at 05:33)  

Witch Yoo Hee juga bagus... Well, pemainnya cowoknya cakep2 sih. hakhakhakhakhakhakhak...

Bijuk  – (6 August 2008 at 09:55)  

our taste on anime and k-drama is pretty much alike. couldnt agree more wif you. for US-Drama, i've gotta say Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl, i couldnt even pick which one is my top fave

toshi  – (6 August 2008 at 22:34)  

@Ayu: belum pernah nonton sih, hehe

@Bijuk: waaahhh glad to hear we have much in common! Don't worry, I found it hard myself to decide which one is the better between Des Hou and Heroes.

planning to watch Gossip Girls sometime in the future though, four of my (male) friends have recommended it to me and since you're the fifth one, I think it's time to give it a shot :)

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