Do you believe in fortune-telling?

Do you believe in fortune-telling?

Do you believe in Chinese horoscope, Feng Shui, Greek astrology, fortune cookies, and the likes?

Well for some fanatic freaks out there who are apparently too obsessed with their own God (or Gods, as not to discriminate the polytheists), it is quite hard for them to believe in such paraphernalia.

They argue that such stuff contradict their own religion... but nah, it really is not.

A couple years ago, I read an article by a Feng Shui master that explained how Feng Shui is actually a branch of science and hence, it need not contradict the elements of religious doctrines.

He might have got a point there, but I think he had made a big mistake by declaring Feng Shui as a branch of science.


Because it is obvious that faith and science are not made to complement each other.

From the century-long debates about whether it is the Creationism theory (in the three Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) or Darwinism evolution theory that prevails, to the self-contradictory efforts by Vatican to oppose free sex (but banning birth prevention stuff at the same time); I think we had it obvious that the more you relate one kind of belief to science, the harder it is to get approval from the fanatics.

But ah, that is their own privilege to believe or not to believe, is it not?

As for me myself, I take a selective method of belief in fortune-telling and the ilks. I believe in astrology, but only when its explanations are aligned with my mood and necessities.

Because otherwise, I would simply thrash it away as a make-believe crap.


In the meantime, Simon got it to the point with his explanation of how the politicians should live their lives:

Politicians are not there to be respected; they are to be questioned, hard and should be able to justify their dealings. Perhaps a healthy mistrust of politicians is the essence of democracy. We should never forget that politicians work for us rather than vice versa. There's no need to feel bad for them, they get their 30 pieces of silver for their troubles.

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