Dirty jokes

Last year I read an article in a youth magazine that provided an analysis on girls' inner psychology. It said that by and large, girls are unable to appreciate dirty jokes the way guys do.

Well, up to that point I still often made fun on girls' -uhm- you know, inner parts even to the point of saying such sexually-explicit stories/jokes directly in front of them.

After I read that article, I totally changed the way I treated girls in general.

Frankly, I still exchange dirty jokes with my guy friends (because they are quite keen on such things too, LOLZ), but nah, I don't exchange them with female friends anymore.

In front of female friends, I substitute the terms "boobs" for a more medical-related "breast" and exchange the sentences like:

"Hey, that babe is smoking HOT!"


"Hey, that girl looks quite pretty!"

Well if you are a guy too, I advice you to follow my lead. Exchanging dirty jokes with girls would only bring more harm than good to your reputation anyway.

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