Jakarta's sickening development

Yesterday (15/7), the Seputar Indonesia newspaper ran a special coverage on its Lifestyle section which discusses the existing apartments in Jakarta and apartment projects which are to start in the near future.

The price of apartment units there range from Rp 500 million (€ 28,000) to Rp 4 billion (€ 224,000), which is way beyond the purchasing power of most Indonesians.

The startling thing was not the fact that more Indonesians are able to purchase those units; because it has always been a common knowledge that the Indonesian riches are getting richer day by day. But one thing I found appalling was the way the paper itself put such a coverage in a very positive outlook.

Oh, the Indonesian media bias and its idiocy!

While the world over are fussing over their worries in food price crisis, American credit crunch, and the upcoming impacts of climate change; the elites of Indonesia seem to care not a single bit for such things.

The rich still splurge their money on branded craps with their European-sounding fashion names and live in ultra-pricey "castles" (Bellezza or Regatta, anyone?): all of them are the "basic requirements" to be accepted as a part of the prestige. I don't condone the rich of course, except for the irony that there are still starving people in South Sulawesi, the Papuans still have their private parts uncovered, and the kids are still suffering from diarrhea outbreaks in Nusa Tenggara (not to mention that we still have those beggars in Jakarta streets too).

On the other side of the globe, Indonesia's counterpart in terms of income disparity —Brazil— have taken their first steps to transform the notorious few of the 600 favelas (drug haven slums) in Rio de Janeiro into more established residential areas with schools, banks, and other well-functioning establishments throughout the city. They do not dare think to build those freaking elite apartments yet; because their government know that their main priority should lie in the interests of the nation's poorest.

In terms of income disparity, Brazil is currently the worst in the world; with a mere 10% of the population holding 75% of the nation's wealth.

But if we speak in terms of significant improvements in the long run; Indonesia is way behind Brazil in achieving anything for the nation its entirety.

In fact, we are heading for the worst and we seem to be unaware of it.

Bijuk  – (16 July 2008 at 12:58)  

i love this post! couldn't be more true and it's sickening and sad to see what happens to this pathetic country

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