The irony of it all

I used to hate writing.

Very much.

In fact, I considered writing to be an ordeal during my days in Jakarta primary school that I could never produce any essays more than half a page that time.

It all gradually changed when I moved to Bali.

So how did I turn my hatred towards the love of my life? Simple.

If you click on the "Poem" label tag on the right-hand side of this page you would see that my earliest poems were actually composed when I lived in Bali.

And they were composed for just one girl.

I showed it to some of my confidantes and they called me a good poet and then....

Yep, I think that's the turning point where my love of the literature world started.

I did not compose any single poems when I went to school in Singapore -- not because I hadn't fallen for anyone there, as I had actually fallen for two of my seniors -- but simply because I was too busy and there were more important things to do than composing poems.

Now Literature aside, Maths was subjects that I used to love.

Very much.

In fact, my name was once made synonymous with perfect score in Maths tests because as everyone knew it; I rarely scored below 95% for any of my Maths exams. And I rarely opened my Maths book there.

It all changed when I moved to Bali (Now why on earth had Bali reversed my life in such a way??!), because the teachers there weren't as interesting in their pedagogical skills.

As a result, I rarely scored above 80% in Maths during my first year in my Balinese school.

Eventually, I learned from my mistakes and studied hard in Maths as to regain my former standings. I scored a so-so aggregate when I graduated there.

Biology is another irony.

I used to have high grades in Biology in my Balinese school --even till the point where they send me for the Provincial Biology Olympics in SMUN 4 Denpasar-- but it all changed not long afterwards.

This time, the turning point is Singapore.

I've never hated Biology, and in fact that's one branch of Science I love most. But the thing was, I found it hard to score even an average B in Biology during my Singapore days.

And so be it, I had no other choice but to drop the subject.

Now reminiscing the past and comparing it to the life I'm living today, I've come to a conclusion.

Although I always seem to hate Maths and Science, the fact remains that I never really dislike them in the first place. I'm just weak at them and frankly speaking, I still hope deep down in heart that I could exchange my current linguistic abilities with my old Mathematical adroitness.

But just like the Tao adage say, whatever has passed is the past.

I guess I'll just go by the flow according to whatever my neuro-wavelengths want with me at any given time, ay?


isman  – (11 July 2008 at 14:26)  

I think Indonesian educational system contributes in traumatizing students to write. I used to abhor a particular subject called "Mengarang," myself.

I'm a writer now. But no thanks to that.

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