Free soccer balls

Living in a house located just behind a soccer field could offer you a lot of benefits.

For one, I don't have to go very far in order to play soccer.

But even though none of my family members have ever been a large fan of soccer, we consider it a blessing to have a soccer field behind our house.

Every month or so, my family gets soccer balls "delivered" to us due to those who kick too high that it gets into our own backyard.

Indeed, none of the responsible players have ever approached our house to obtain the ball back: they're afraid that they would have broken something and thus they consider it a lesson for themselves!

As a matter of fact, they couldn't break anything in our backyard; there is nothing apart from a small pond and a little bit of greenery there!

We have obtained at least 15 balls since moving to this house last year, but my saintly Mom is apparently too kind to return most of the balls to the soccer players.

On the other hand, my Sis and I are quite logical in keeping them to ourselves. As for now, we are keeping three balls, and here are two of them:

Just in case any of the players knock on our front gates, I always have the answers ready. Here's an imagined scenario that I have visualised in mind.

SP: Soccer Player
Me: Toshi

SP: Permisi, Mas... (excuse me...)
Me: *feigns annoyance* Yah, can I help you with anything?
SP: Um... I'm afraid I've kicked my soccer ball to high and it went to your backyard.... Umm...
Me: So.. it was you who kicked it?
SP: Yes, so.. Can I have it back, please?
Me: Before I return it to you, let me ask you something. Do you know how much a vase that my Mom bought in Shanghai would cost?
SP: Umm nope. *biting lips*
Me: It costs 300 yuans, or 300 thousand in Rupiah currency. Well I'm afraid you've shattered it into pieces with your bloody kick! So do you still want the ball or do you want to forget about it?
SP: I guess you can have the ball, then.
Me: Good! Be careful next time, OK! *smiles*

Of course my Mom has never been to China, but I'll always have this fabricated story on hand if anyone approaches me for the ball. (^_^)

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