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Around 10 months ago I’ve written a post regarding my desire to become a hyperpolyglot; meaning, a person who is fluent in more than six languages. That time I had a list of 12 languages I want to be fluent in my lifetime.

However, I’ve been thinking that the target I've made is quite a far-fletched idea, especially since it struck me that I may not need to study them all to be an accomplished writer (or journalist? translator? Senior Editor? you name it!)

So I've cropped down my wishlist info a mere six languages, which is just fine to make me a Polyglot (i.e. a person who is fluent in just six languages).

Below are the languages which are "lucky" to be shortlisted, with reasons provided as to why I want to acquire them (the ones in italic are those I have mastered):

  1. Indonesian. Automatic fluency, since I was raised with this language anyway.
  2. English. My first encounter with the language was when I was six (when my family moved to Richmond, USA for eight months). There I started to learn English from a total blank to a decent conversation. By now I'm quite contented that I've been able to write hundreds of essays in English.
  3. Malay. Many Indonesians claim that they are able to speak Malay fluently, but trust me: they really don't. The only Indonesians who can speak Malay fluently are those who live or have spent a considerable time in Riau, Batam, Malaysia, or Singapore, where Malay is widely spoken. And I can proudly say that I'm decently fluent in Malay, because I belong to that group of Indonesians (gee-hee, vanity prevails here!)
  4. Japanese. I pick Japanese simply because I love their food and traditional culture (No, I don't love Anime as much as you've always thought, people!). Despite having spent a considerable time in studying the language, I still have a very pitiful grasp of intermediate Japanese and to be honest, I'm deeply ashamed of such a poor achievement. But that aside, I've graduated from JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) level 4 last year, and I'm on the way to get my level 3 this year. Hopefully by December 2010 I could take my JLPT level 1 and obtain a near-perfect mastery of the language!
  5. French. I've always loved the suavity that French speakers produce when they speak, and I must admit that I love French much more than I love English. This is not attributed to any French movies or pop culture whatsoever though, because I rarely watch French movies in the first place. I just love the language, period.
  6. Spanish. It took me a lot of time pondering whether I should pick this language instead of German or Mandarin. But I finally zeroed in on Spanish due to the fact that it is the most widely spoken language after English, Mandarin, and Hindi (and I'm definitely not attracted at all to Hindi). It is the largest language in the American continent anyway, and I believe that acquiring Spanish would help me a lot when I travel to Latin American countries in the future.

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