List of countries (I promise) I won’t visit

The title above may sound arrogant to some people but why should I care, this is my blog anyway.

Below is a list of countries that I hope will ban me from entering their territory, ever

1. Zimbabwe. Why on earth would anyone like to visit a mega-inflationary and conflict-ridden country such as this one? The moron up there is quite old and will soon be dead, but just like other retarded regimes in the world, I think he'll just annul the current elections and elect another retard to replace him, which would make no difference at anytime, ever.
2. Iraq. Another conflict-ridden country. The best place to commit suicide, because you don't have to kill yourself in order to gain a quick death.
3. Sudan. The same reason as in Iraq.
4. Saudi Arabia. Perhaps I'll visit it when I get reincarnated.
5. Cuba. As long as it remains a Castro dynasty, may God forbid me from entering this country.
6. Sri Lanka. It has been like... three decades of bloody rebellion? Can't stop fighting, can they?

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