Cross necklace: is it a sign to show off Christian religiosity?

Of course not.

A Christian friend told me how upset she is seeing people wearing cross (or sometimes, Crucifix) necklaces just to “publicly display” how religious they are.

Well, from what I see myself, I find it strange that a lot of Christians think that wearing cross necklace is an attempt to show off religiosity.

Wearing cross necklace is just a part of the mode, for goodness sake!

If you walk on the streets of Shibuya in Tokyo, you’ll see how a staggering 90% of those Japanese with their Gothic outfits wear cross necklaces.

But do you know how many Christians are there in Japan? Less than 1% of the population.

In the West, there is also a growing trend to wear inverted cross necklace, one that looks like this:

And people call it Satanic Cross.

Hahaha… Satanic cross?

Despite the fact that those who wear such a necklace might be Anti-Christ themselves, they didn’t know that the origin of inverted cross is not Satanic in itself.

Inverted cross was the cross used to crucify St. Peter, one of Jesus’ most favourite apostle who was also the first Catholic Pope.

The Pope with St Peter's cross in the background. Image taken from this site.

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