Common misconceptions about golf and tennis among most Indonesians

Most people who haven’t tried playing either golf and tennis would dismiss them both easily as simple games; as sports that do not require vigorous strength from the hand.

Believe me, most of them (who haven’t tried playing tennis) think of tennis simply as “another form of badminton”. My friends say this when I ask them of their opinion of tennis, “Well… Tennis is just like badminton, right? We could just easily swing the racket here and there and smash the tennis ball!”


For those who think that Tennis is just ‘another form of badminton’, here I tell you: TENNIS IS 10 TIMES HARDER THAN BADMINTON.

There are a lot of factors that make me say this.

For one, Tennis racket is much heavier than Badminton racket.

Another thing, the tennis ball is also much heavier than your shuttlecock.

Combine those two factors together with the fact that in order to serve in tennis, you must deliver the ball towards the opponent's side which is in a court several times larger than a badminton one.. and Voila!

Tennis is no longer "another form of badminton"!!!

The same thing goes with golf.

Golf clubs may look freaking easy for you to swing, but HELL NO, they are not.

Don't you know that a standard iron club is actually heavier than a tennis racket?

Most beginners in golf (such as me, gee-hee) spend many weeks of practice in driving range before we could finally deliver a decent 100 metres shot.

And playing golf involves more than just 'hitting the golf ball', because it also requires a great deal of manoeuvre in your swinging technique.

Vis-a-vis the difference between tennis and badminton, you shouldn't equate compare golf with those putting games you find in malls.

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