Clarifications regarding the last 1st of June Monas demonstration coverage

I’ve received several questions –thru my Messenger and in person— of whether I was on the location during the National Alliance for Religious Freedom (AK-BB) incident in Monas last Sunday, and I’m here to clarify things out:

1. Yes, if you read my entry thoroughly, I was there (at the location) to actually have a coverage of the AK-BB myself.

2. However, there were two separate public demonstrations in Monas that day: One that asked for religious pluralism (led by AK-BB) and another that asked for the cancellation of fuel price hike (by FPR and Hizb-ut Tahrir Indonesia). Fortunately, I went for the latter because their demonstration (that marched towards the Presidential Palace) had distracted me from my main objective that day.

Some have also asked whether I –as a mere blogger (aka. amateur journalist)— was scared of being amongst those demonstrators and I tell them, “Nope…. Honestly, I wasn’t scared at all.”

You may think that I was lying or acting tough, but I wasn’t. You know, I find it strange myself that I wasn’t the least bit scared by their hullaballoo amongst all the “Allahu Akbar” and “Topple the SBY administration!” chants.

Perhaps it was the journalistic alter ego of me that took over that time, because I honestly see the real “ME” as an extremely introverted recluse who couldn’t stand being the centre of attention amongst people.

And if you ask me whether I love my alter ego as Toshihiko Atsuyama the journalist, I must answer, “Yes, I love him very much, much more than I do love myself!”

Let me digress.

Regarding Obama's presumptive Democratic candidacy today and the arrest of several members of Freaking Pathetic Imbeciles by the authorities, I don't think there is anything else that could make me happier than I am now.




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