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I’ve recently found out that if you open my blog in that notorious Internet Explorer, it doesn’t show up very nicely, with a lot of HTML line breaks here and there. Hence I suggest you to switch to Mozilla Firefox (or Opera or whatever) if you haven’t done so.

In regards to Mozilla Firefox, it is the best browser I’ve used so far (I used to have Opera too but uninstalled it due to its hefty restrictions). Today I’m going to provide a list of Firefox add-ons I’ve had embedded to the software, together with a short review of their features. Perhaps you may want to consider embedding them to your Firefox too.

(My add-ons, Click to generate a clearer image)

AVG Safe Search

Provides a quick scan in our Google searches, which I’ve found useful in guaranteeing the “safeness” of particular sites. Below is what I found when googling my own pseudonym.

Google Icon

Shows the website’s icon on the left-hand side of its title when they show up in Google search. This in turn allows us to browse the site’s origin quickly without having to read their title.

(again, Click to generate a clearer image)

British English Dictionary

I’m not exactly sure what this dictionary add-on does to the words I type, because I haven’t found it autocorrecting my spellings so far. But you could see that the reason I have this installed was mainly due to my dialectal bias towards the Londoners instead of the Yankees.


As shown in the snapshot below, Clipmarks allows us to quote up to 1000 Latin characters neatly to any other websites, be they blogs, forums, or whatsoever. Unspun is a regular user of this add-on. And uh, don't mind the IE you see on my Quick Launch, because the only loyal fan of IE in my family is my sister.

Download Statusbar

Shows the download status within Firefox instead of the Windows taskbar.

(for the third time, please click to generate clearer image!)


Shows a “softer” look of that 'server-not-found' page.

Fierr error status

Fast Video Download

Allows downloading of various video formats such as .flv, .avi, etc.


Shows the location of the website’s server. Especially useful if we want to find out the location of the (paid) site’s owner. But it doesn’t help at all when it comes to blogs, since they’re either under the flag of USA’s Google or Wordpress or Typepad.


Allows us to download… what else? Flash.

Imageshack right-click

Serves to ease the uploading of images we find elsewhere on the net onto ImageShack. This one must be downloaded from the Imageshack’s own website.

Veoh Browser Plug-in

Veoh is a video-hosting site with videos of higher resolution than those we find in Youtube. One drawback I find in downloading from Veoh is, with a much higher resolution, the file sizes could get extremely big and hence, not recommended for dial-up users.

A complete display of most of my add-ons


This is the add-on I’ve found the most useful this far. It allows us to capture websites snapshot without having to peck on that “Prt Scr” on our keyboard.

Site snapshot without ScreenGrab

Site snapshot with ScreenGrab

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