A couple of random Cs and Lao Tzu’s adage


I just found out in The Jakarta Post a little while ago that the original slippers worn by Cinderella were made of fur, not glass. It was changed into glass by a translator, whence caused the humanity nowadays to accept the glass slippers version. But I think it wouldn’t sound very favourable if it was made of fur… Imagine it: a fur slipper left into the stairs could easily fit into anyone’s left foot, right?


I don’t care what they say, but Cyrillic would always be deformed Latin to me (yes, please be offended).


A lot of youths my age always try to look hip and go with the mainstream in embracing democracy. But I always see communism in a slightly different way. Here’s how I choose to see it:

Communism is good, but democracy is better.
Perhaps I’ll elaborate more about this in the near future.

Lao Tzu

Man, I love this guy. I found his quote in a contemplative article that says,

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. People should let reality be and let things flow forward naturally.”

I read that quote like, 100 times in a repetitive manner last night before going to bed, and believe me, it gave me a sense of soothing calmness I’ve been longing for.

Especially after that blizzard I just had a couple of days ago. Perhaps I’d take Taoism as a light reading over the next several days.

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