Cats, cups, credits, and cellphones

Little things in my life that (I think) are worth posting.


My seven-year-old cat sleeping on the pillow

Born 9 October 2000 (I took note of her birth in my old diary). Used to have two brothers, who died before reaching the age of one. A female domestic breed, she is always largely antagonistic towards other cats (even to her own mother!). I named her after a female game character in Rival Schools that I used to admire as a primary school student. She is my favourite feline.

"Grandma" Akira on the cushion

Dani sleeping in the front yard

Born 2002. Given by my aunt who is a cat-lover. A male (neutered) domestic breed, he is the slackest of my three cats. Couldn't stand being held in humans' hands, presumably due to his uneasiness. He is my sister's favourite.

Dani in 'awake' mode

Another Dani close-up, with Brown sleeping in the background


The royal prince sleeping

Born 2003. Given by my cat-lover aunt too, he (who is also neutered like Dani) has a certain regalia within him that always holds people in awe, especially with all the goldie in his hair. However, just like my other two cats, he is also a domestic. He is my Mom's favourite (though my sister's most disliked).

A habit of Brown: sticking out his tongue in his sleep

Having brought up together (even breastfed to the same female), Brown and Dani naturally treat each other like brothers. Brown is the most handsome one, but Dani is the unarguably the more photogenic one, perhaps due to the unique combination of stripes he has.

Brown and Dani sleeping together

Due to Akira's antagonistic attitude towards others, it is very rare to see the trio cats sitting together. Usually the clans are just like "Brown+Dani" vs Akira (alone). Hence this picture below could be very rarely taken, usually on certain days when the cats are not in a mood to fight:

This photo should earn me a Pulitzer for its rarity


How cute!

This is the only odd "cat" out. A little male bought last February for Rp20,000 (€1.20). Presumably born in 2007.


Vit Cups

I just found out yesterday that Vit has changed its cups shape for a new variety... Looks funny.


A parody of vehicle licence plate

I smiled reading the label on this sticker yesterday.


The cellphones being jumbled up

A collection of cellphones in my home being charged after a looooooong blackout today. Curse the PLN.

A closer snapshot

The second left Esia and the blue-cased Nokia 5300 are my sister's while the red-and-white Nokia 5200 belongs to me. The other four belongs to my superbusy Mom.

rimafauzi  – (31 May 2008 at 08:11)  

OMG your cats are sooo cute!!! apalagi yang bobonya melet melet gituh.. my cat di jkt juga gitu, kalo lagi melet, suka gue kasih sambel lidahnya.. and then he will wake up annoyed. lol

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