Why horror movies are better watched after sunset

Let me make it clear here: I’ve never been a fan of horror movies, nor do I have any tendencies to like dark stuff like Goth freaks, psychopaths, ghosts, vampires or whatsoever.

However, once in a while I’m always in for a challenge; a challenge to see how much I can cope with a horror flick.

The scariest movie I’ve ever watched was Pet Sematary, which was about –what else— Pet cemetery. I guess they should’ve put a “[sic]” sign beside the movie title, just like Jane Austen’s Love and Freindship which goes noticed-yet-neglected for centuries. No wonder the young generation nowadays is so poor in their spellings.

Now let’s get back to the main topic.

I choose to say that horror movies are better watched after sunset because –as my logic goes— if you watch it in the afternoon or in the morning, the movie will haunt you throughout the day. That is, if the movie is spine-chilling enough. And that’s what had happened to me several years back when I watched Pet Sematary at 10 AM.

Whilst if you watch it in the evening/night, the atmosphere surrounding you will match that of the movie, yes, but you could get the advantage of “escaping” from being haunted by going straight to the bed after the credit rolls.

Does my logic above sound absurd enough to you?

But I’m being honest here, because that’s exactly the way I watch horror movies. And I always watch them alone.

And tonight, I’m in for a new challenge; which is watching Hostel that a friend had lent me. Please don’t tell me yet how the story goes, I’ve heard that it’s shuddery enough.

yuki tobing  – (21 April 2008 at 05:20)  

How could someone who dislikes horror movies possibly go to bed after watching it? I think they should watch it in the morning, no it will not haunt you unless you keep remembering those scary scenes.

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