Random clobbers and the beauty of façade

As a commemoration of my 300th blog entry today, I have removed several potentially libelous blog entries I’ve posted in the last couple of months in regards to the recently passed controversial Internet and Electronic bill, which had the support of less than 1% of Indonesian bloggers .

No wonder.

Most of us bloggers couldn’t speak out very much for ourselves these days, which is exactly the reason why I’ve been circulating out protests by using a list of e-mails that a top blogger has provided. Our works have kinda become semi-underground now, and let's just hope there won’t be any neo-Che Guevara suddenly springing up of nowhere.

There are also two blog entries I have removed in order to save myself from embarrassment. If you have been a loyal reader of this blog for more than a month, you'll know straightaway which blog entries they are (because I've been posting one blog entry everyday, without fail since December 2007). Just click here to find which are the days I've intentionally blanked.

As a change of topic, Do you know the beauty of façade?

Façade makes you smile when you’re actually sad.

Façade makes you laugh when you’re actually depressed.

And façade could turn you into the nicest person on earth when you’re actually writhing in silence.

Such is the beauty of façade that it’s getting kinda hard for me to let go off this concealing mask these days. And I don’t expect it to go anytime soon.


If I were to follow my emotions, I would’ve shut myself from the outside world (yes, the internet too) for an indefinite-yet-destructive amount of time.

That’s why I put up this whole façade. It makes me a better person when I don’t feel really good.

You know, it's kinda funny to know that I actually enjoy having this façade.

In pain.

yonna –   – (24 April 2008 at 23:11)  

what happen aya naon, Shi?!

hmmm...sometimes i felt tired and sick with internet interaction and its ups and downs within (from discussion forum, blog, mailing list, etc).

don't worry about facade thing...i think by concealing our true feeling is such a suggestive way which can bring us to the real better feeling and mood.

Toshihiko Atsuyama  – (25 April 2008 at 00:58)  

hmm... ada deh, urusan BGR gitu, hehe..

tp ya memang lbih enak pake facade itu si, makanya gw jg ngerasa mendingan keliatan hepi banget gitu daripada muram aja... :)

soal internet itu sih, sbtlnya lebih berhubungan erat dengan sering diblokirnya website Blog dan Youtube yang (katanya) pada rame-rame memuat film Fitna itu. Duh, dasar pemerintah Indonesia, selalu berpegang erat pada prinsip:

"Karena Nila setitik, rusak susu sebelanga"..

Hanya karena segelintir orang masukin video Fitna di blog mereka, kenapa mesti sebagian besar blog ikut kena batunya?

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