Noah’s flood: Impact of the First Global Warming?

Genesis 6:17, 7:17
For truly, I will send a great flow of waters over the earth, for the destruction from under the heaven of all flesh in which is the breath of life; everything on the earth will come to an end...... And for forty days the waters were over all the earth; and the waters were increased so that [Noah’s] ark was lifted up high over the earth.....
Sura Hud (11:37)
Build the ship under Our eyes and by Our inspiration, and speak not unto Me on behalf of those who do wrong. Lo! they will be drowned.

Both the Biblical and Quranic quotation above were taken from the Noah’s deluge story. And that flood happened thousands of years ago.

However, don’t any of you feel that story is a bit too familiar to the adversity we’re about to face in another 50 years or so?

I don’t need to quote Al Gore here, he’s got the spotlight much enough.

As various studies have reported, more than 80% of Jakarta will sink in the 2050, and the same thing would also happen to the Netherlands, and other low-lying regions in the world.

So… um…. what would happen to island states like Vanuatu or Singapore? I can’t speculate anything here, but may God bless them when the time comes.

As we all know, the devastating impacts of climate change is inevitable. The polar would melt sooner or later, and so does all the ice caps in the Himalayas. Indonesia’s only icy mountain of Jayawijaya in Papua will disappear in the next 80 years, whether we like it or not.

Well, I’m not going to provide any green tips as for today.

But let us think from the other side of the story, as a light joke:

The next time you see a seemingly lunatic old man with beards coming up with a Messianic prophecy about the world sinking or anything like that, believe him. If he advertises on the internet or CNN asking people to help him build a gigantic cruise ship, super-large Airbus plane, or a super-fast Boeing, please help him. You could either donate to him, or provide labours to help his project.

And don’t forget to ask him to let you join his large vessel as a payment.

He might be the second Noah.

(Too bad Al Gore isn’t bearded)

yonna –   – (18 April 2008 at 02:33)  

starting to suffer eye strain :D

oh No! God forbid it!

I've read the news too, Jakarta is predicted will be drowned in year 2030 or 2050.

What will Jakarta be? Venice?

But this article is witty enough to compare these not-too-similar situation with Noah's Ark history. So that's way I yell "God forbid it" I don't want to live on boat, ark and spend my whole life in it. I'd rather move to another city.

Albert Gore with beard? Hehe.

maybe it's time to leave, mulai ngaco nih hehehe, thanks

Toshihiko Atsuyama  – (18 April 2008 at 22:52)  

eye strain knp?

hehe tengkyu buat compliment-nya. koq YMnya ngga pernah aktif nih? biar bs chat kpn2, hehe...

btw double comment tuh, saya delete satu ya? :)

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