Statistics on expats in Indonesia

This is the statistics as of early 2008. The South Korean embassy knows there are some 30,000 Koreans working in Indonesia, 70% of whom live in Jakarta.

The American Embassy said it has 7,700 U.S. citizens registered in Jakarta and figures for non-ethnic Indians are guessed to be sitting somewhere around the same.

Japanese Embassy figures put its expatriate community at 11,200, with 6,470 of them residing in Jakarta. This is followed by Taiwan, with some 7,000 in Indonesia, including 1,000 residing in Jakarta.

The Australian Embassy said they have 1,000 expatriates registered as employed in the Indonesian capital, but one official said it is probably more likely 3,000. And they don’t all live in Kemang.

Source: April 2008 edition of The Jakarta Post Weekender supplement magazine.

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