List of Indonesian foods I love

I really am in the mood of making lists these days.

In regards to food, my tongue is very much suited for both Japanese and Indonesian delicacies. I’ll focus on the Indonesian ones this time. This list ain’t exhaustive.

  1. Acar Sangihe. A seemingly normal acar, but it’s addition of pineapples and whatever ingredients adds a twist to it that makes me love it very much. And moreover, it originates from my ancestor’s land of Sangihe in North Sulawesi. As promised, I’d blog on this soon, starting from early April.
  2. Pempek Palembang. A very spicy floury fish that I enjoy very much. The "originals" could only be found in either Jakarta or South Sumatra. Outside those regions, they don't taste very much "original"... Honestly.
  3. Nasi uduk. The idea of mixing onions with rice seems quite plain, but I love it somehow. Especially when you combine it with tempe-tahu…
  4. Rendang. This spicy Padang meat is one of my most favourite ever.
  5. Kupat tahu. Most of the time I enjoy this during the Ramadan season.
  6. Gado-gado. The name tells of a random mix of a lot of stuff.
  7. Martabak. Non-Jakartan Indonesians call it “Terang Bulan”, while Sulawesinese call it “Malabar”. Apparently, the Singaporeans have a slightly different version called “Roti Prata” which is also called “Roti Chanai” in Malaysia. But still, the Indonesian Martabak is the best.
  8. Indonesian fried rice. I’ve tried a lot of “Fried rice” versions, such as Thai, Japanese, Singaporean, and honestly; they all don’t taste as good as the Indonesian one. Especially the Japanese one, how could they mix ketchup sauce with fried rice??? No offence here, but I still think that the Indonesian one is the best.

Anonymous –   – (3 April 2008 at 16:03)  

Acar Sangihe? Sounds interesting. Care to provide a picture of it?

厚山 利彦 (Toshihiko Atsuyama)  – (5 April 2008 at 05:35)  


there it is. doesn't look very much unlike any other acar though. but it's very tasty :D

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