Barack Obama’s political positions: My comments on them as a first-time voter

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Abortion and contraception

Obama stated his abortion position as: "Abortions should be legally available in accordance with Roe v. Wade.". [He also consistently voted] in favour of legalized abortion, family planning services, and having female contraceptives covered by health insurance.

Atsuyama’s comment: How unfortunate, I have to disagree on this one. As a Catholic, I’ve never seen abortion as a concept that should be legalised, ever. It’s indeed clear enough that foetuses are living humans, and not pre-humans,. However, as a liberal, I see contraception as something that should be left as a free choice.


Obama has taken the stance that global warming is human-caused, and that it must be addressed. He has a record of supporting environmentally friendly bills.

Atsuyama’s comment: Great! That’s my future president!

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) issues

Obama stated on 15 March 2007, that "I do not agree...that homosexuality is immoral."

Atsuyama’s comment: I used to eschew homosexuals myself, but after a second thought, why should I do so? They as human beings have their own rights to live the kind of lives they think are “normal”… It’s just the same thing with America’s acceptance of women and black emancipation, this issue would take quite a while for the conservatives on the Republican side to agree upon. Hence I concur with Obama completely on this one.

Gun control

As a state legislator in Illinois, Obama supported banning the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic firearms, increasing state restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms and requiring manufacturers to provide child-safety locks with firearms. He has also supported a ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns. He sponsored a bill in 2000 limiting handgun purchases to one per month. He also voted against a 2004 measure allowing a self-defence exception for people charged with violating local weapons bans by using a gun in their home.

Atsuyama’s comment: I just heard of the most recent gun-related case in the Northern Illinois University… Private ownership of guns should be banned, no exception. America is becoming increasingly like its own Hollywood movies. Sorry for stereotyping here, but this has in fact shown how wimpish (most) Americans are. Why? If you wanna defend yourself, learn martial arts like Karate or Kung-fu, instead of being a chicken by shooting people like that.. Owning arms for private use is a truly, COWARDLY excuse.

Death penalty

Obama believes the death penalty is used too frequently and inconsistently. However he is still in favour of it for cases in which "the community is justified in expressing the full measure of its outrage."

Atsuyama’s comment: Obama seems to be kinda neutral on this issue. I personally view that death penalty should be used for deterrence, not retribution. Americans should thank God that drug-trafficking don’t always carry the risk of capital punishment like the law in Singapore…

Civil liberties

He has advocated closing the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, but has not supported two specific bills that would have done so. Obama opposes the use of torture and warrantless domestic wiretaps by the U.S. He voted against the Flag Desecration Amendment in 2006 since it would destroy freedom itself, even if it protects a symbol of freedom from physical harm.

Atsuyama’s comment: Totally agree.

Stem cell research

Obama supports embryonic stem cell research and was a co-sponsor of the 2005 Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act which was passed by both houses of Congress but vetoed by President.

Atsuyama’s comment: Disagree on this one. As aforementioned, the view I accept is more or less the same with Vatican’s.


Obama supports a guest worker program. Obama has said that he "will not support any bill that does not provide [an] earned path to citizenship for the undocumented population."

Obama does not believe that twelve million illegal immigrants can be deported. He said "It's not going to happen. We're not going to go round them up ... We should give them a pathway to citizenship."

Atsuyama’s comment: As a son of former (legal) American immigrants myself, I agree completely on his immigration policies. After all, all Americans (Yes, including the Native Indian Americans) are either immigrants or their descendants, right?

Iraq war

Obama stated: "I am not opposed to all wars. I'm opposed to dumb wars.”

Atsuyama’s comment: Totally agree. A dumb has been on the White House for so long, there is no need to have another dumb from his party continuing his Iraq playground.

Arab-Israeli conflict

Obama called Israel "our strongest ally in the region," and stated: "We must preserve our total commitment to our unique defence relationship with Israel by fully funding military assistance and continuing work on the Arrow and related missile defence programs." On the Palestinian Authority's new unity government, Obama said: "We should all be concerned about the agreement negotiated among Palestinians in Mecca last month."

Atsuyama’s comment: I frankly hope to have a president who can initiate a change towards lessening America’s support for Israel. America’s perpetual support to Israel has never been viewed favourably by the Islamic world anyway… I’m kinda disappointed in Obama regarding this position.

Anonymous –   – (16 November 2008 at 01:17)  

I wish that all the people who are against
abortion would adopt one of the thousands of
children in this country who are languishing in
foster care because NO one wants them. Put your
money where your anti-abortion mouths are.

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