Several news excerpts of uncomfortable verities of the Climate Change and what we’ve done to help deteriorating it

All of these excerpts below are taken from various “The Jakarta Post” articles.

Indonesia could lose 2000 of its islands by 2030 if sea levels continue to rise [at the current rate]”, said Indonesian environment minister Rachmat Witoelar.

By 2035, The Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport will be flooded by water and rendered useless, by 2050, about 24% of Jakarta will disappear, and by 2080, the tide will be lapping at Istana Negara (the Indonesian presidential palace), which sits 10 km inland.

At present, the world tropical forest estate covers some 13 billion hectares, and this is being reduced by 11 million hectares – almost 0.1% – each year. The loss in Indonesia alone amounts to almost 2 million hectares.

Malaria was recently found in highlands across Indonesia, which is unusual because cool weather can not harbour malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

One 5000 km of non-stop flight makes each passenger account for one ton of carbon dioxide.

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