My comment on “I am Legend” movie

It could’ve become a marvellous movie if not for its ending. Will Smith playing as Robert Neville perhaps wasn’t quite right after all; Smith always plays on great movies and this “I am Legend” movie could damage his reputation as an actor.

I’m not gonna start with the summary of the whole movie, as you could look them up yourself. The opening was great, it greets us with all the wild animals and the “New York Jungle”. It was 50% sci-fi and 50% horror then. But unfortunately, as it reached the climax of the movie (which was the death of Neville’s allegedly only companion left, the dog Sam), the whole movie took a whole new direction into a 100% horror.

The pair of immune survivors who could manage to save Neville from the zombie made us moviegoers pose a question: if Neville, the strong guy there, couldn’t even manage to escape the wrath of the zombies, how could Anna and Ethan manage to do so?

As there were only a pair of human couple that were left (Anna and Neville), and the possibility of a survivors’ camp isn’t proven yet, one could wonder why they hadn’t chosen to had sex yet. You know, even if there were a survivors’ camp, their number wouldn’t suffice to fill in enough of the world’s important positions (namely, governmental positions, hospitals, police stations, etc). Hence reproducing (i.e. having sex) for the sake of preventing Homo sapiens’ extinction would be the most sound logic.

The ending was drafted poor enough, with Neville (the main protagonist) dead and Anna and Ethan finally finding the alleged survivors’ camp, one could be disappointed as to see the ending not as fantastic as the opening.

My verdict: **** (4) out of ********** (10)

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