100 things about me

  1. I am a male.
  2. I am right-handed.
  3. I am 173 cm tall (as of Sep 2008).
  4. My weight is 59 kg (as of Sep 2008).
  5. My blood type is B.
  6. I was born somewhere in the Western Hemisphere on Wednesday, 15th November 1989.
  7. My favorite color is aquamarine.
  8. I have a younger sister who is 6.5 years younger than me.
  9. I'm the oldest of all the cousins in my extended family.
  10. I have a penchant for Italian, Mexican, Indonesian, and Japanese food.
  11. I drink but I don't smoke.
  12. I detest girls who smoke.
  13. I look more like my Mom.
  14. I love swimming.
  15. I prefer vanilla to chocolate.
  16. I am straight, but I don't think that homosexuals should be punished/imprisoned.
  17. The two continents I have not visited are Africa and mainland Europe.
  18. I have lived in Miami (USA) for a year, Paramaribo (Suriname) for half a year, Richmond (Virginia, USA) for half a year, Denpasar (Bali, Indonesia) for two years, Singapore for two years, and Jakarta for 12 years.
  19. I have also been to the Bahamas, London, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), and West Malaysia.
  20. I have a penchant to the topics of travelling, Japan, books, music, sociopolitical issues, climate change, linguistics, and literature.
  21. My favourite bookshop is Borders.
  22. I speak Indonesian, English, and Malay fluently.
  23. All of my family members speak Indonesian as their first language.
  24. I have two (neutered) male cats named Brown and Dani.
  25. I have a female cat called Akira.
  26. I have an Angora bunny named Tamper who was bought for Rp 20,000 ($2.20)
  27. I can speak basic Japanese and comprehend mediocre Mandarin.
  28. My native tongue is Indonesian, not English.
  29. I am allergic to prawn and cannot stand the aroma of coffee, melon and durian.
  30. By the age of 26 (which is 15 November 2015), I have outlined a plan to be fluent in four other languages, namely Japanese, French, Spanish, and Mandarin.
  31. I have a mixed ethnicity of Portuguese, Persian, Sundanese, Sangirese, Acehnese, and Chinese.
  32. I wish I was more knowledgeable in life sciences.
  33. I was baptised a Catholic, but I have also read extensive literatures regarding other faiths, hence my freethought-leaning tendencies.
  34. I went to a single-sex school
  35. I love apple tea and lemon tea
  36. I prefer drinking tea without sugar
  37. I love Martabak and Roti Prata
  38. I prefer Facebook to Friendster
  39. I like Wordpress better than Blogger
  40. My fave e-mail host is Gmail
  41. I have been to eight states in USA
  42. I have been to nine provinces in Indonesia
  43. I have been to five Indonesian islands

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