Jakarta mourns for Soeharto's passing away with the half-masts

As Jakarta mourns for Soeharto's loss –both perfunctorily and wholeheartedly—one couldn’t help but feeling that the ambience of sorrow is everywhere with all the half-mast flags being displayed. Here are a couple of pictures I’ve taken during my ride from home to pick up my primaryschooler sister in the Blok M district of South Jakarta…

First of all, my own next-door neighbour….

Another two neighbours..

Police station 15 minutes away from my home.

This is my sister’s school campus, which was located 500 m away from the Pertamina hospital where the late president was admitted..

A church close to the campus..

And a foundation building nearby (nice one here!)

The Barito bird market, a mere 100 m away from the Pertamina hospital..

This last picture I took shows how the heavens join the mood with the drizzle in the background (taken in front of EF Pamulang)…

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