Is politics the kind of life I want?

I don’t think so.

As you all know from my profile on the right-hand side of this blog page, I’m 18 now, which is exactly at the core of my life’s turning point. It’s during this 18th year of my life that I should make up my mind on what kind of person I would like to become.

As the New-Year Resolution for 2008 had been drafted, I finally found that the easiest way to pick the kind of life I wanna have is by crossing out those I don’t fancy.

So I started by one life I love yet loathe at the same time: POLITICS.

Then I asked myself these questions:

Do I really want to get involved in politics? Do I really want to get into the middle of scandals, the temptation of grafts, helping rich bastards campaigning their money “for the greater good (of themselves)”? Do I really want to lead any city/state/country? And yes, sometimes with being a leader comes the possibility of people –whether from opposition groups, militants, or separatists— assassinating you. Is that the kind of life I fancy?

Definitely ……….. NOT.

I don’t want to enter such a f***ing sinful world like that!

The prospect of being an ambassador/foreign diplomat indeed sounds likeable enough to me, as being sent to Europe has attracted me for a long time.

But hell, no.

First of all, I have no leadership skills. It’s not my own conclusion but a blatant fact, as I always avoided being nominated for being Student Council member or any similar leadership skills

Secondly, getting involved in such a sinful life would make my life full of threats. The threats could come from all sides: threats of people slandering you, threats of people killing you, threats of you yourself getting involved in an unintentional scandals (such as the sex video scandal which has been widely publicized in a nearby country lately).

Hell no, I’d rather be sinful by frequenting brothels rather than be sinful by getting involved in politics.

I must admit, I once fancied the idea of majoring in Political Science in the university. But such a prospect doesn’t sound very nice to me any longer, with my eyes more opened to the truth now that I’ve reached a more mature age of 18. Politics has always been sinful, and it will always be like that, no matter how long we’re gonna pray to the God (or gods) for a utopian world peace.

Hence I came to a conclusion to stay out of politics. I don’t know if one day I would be attracted to enter politics, but I hope I can keep up to the promise I’ve made today forever and ever.

One thing for sure though, I still have a keen interest in observing politics as an ordinary citizen. Thus I’ll continue my blogging activity for an indefinite period of time. A scuffle another fellow-blogger-whose-blog-has-been-deleted has served me a stern warning that I should be careful in choosing my topics for blogging. If I want to attack a political side, it’s much safer if I attack the whole organization/party altogether instead of attacking individuals. And another thing, I’ve promised myself not to blog negatively on religions, especially the major world religions whose total number of adherents are too overwhelming.

Those measures above aren’t taken as cowardly acts, but more as safety precautions.

Yes, I do support Free Speech to its fullest extent, as I’d love to attack some races/religions/political individuals if I were allowed to. Yes, the government of your country might have allowed free speech to its fullest extent, but some sides always don’t care about that. Rather than seeing their beliefs/ideologies offended, they’d rather break the law by killing you, no matter what risk do their actions entail.

But rather than taking tortuous steps like that —where I sometimes have to face blind fanatics who are out of the grips of law— I think it’s better off for me to stay out of it altogether. And YES, you may call me a cowardly blogger, but I’d rather be a Coward-Who-Can-Live-Safely-And-Normally than a Dauntless-Truth-Defender-Who-Carries-The-Risk-Of-Being-

All in all, it seems more like an entertainment to me to see the bloody political battles from outside—you know— to watch politicians fight each other, as it looks as if we ordinary citizens are “ancient Roman emperor” or “Roman senators” who watch the “gladiators” fighting the “lions” till one side is dead.

Lols. For you politicians out there, don’t take offence, please.

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