An insight to Barack Obama’s strong emotional affinity to Indonesia

Who doesn’t know Barack Obama these days? He was born in Honolulu on 4 August 1961, son of a black Kenyan Daddy Barack Husein Obama and pure white American Mommy Stanley Ann Dunham. His father and mother first met in a university in Honolulu and got married. The marriage ended when Obama was one.

After her separation with Barack Husein Obama, Ann Dunham had her second marriage with an Indonesian postgraduate student named Lolo Soetoro Mangundikardjo from Indonesia who was taking his doctorate in Geology. After finishing his studies, Lolo Soetoro brought his family back to Indonesia.

In Indonesia, the small Barack Obama enrolled in Fransisco of Assisi Primary School (SD Fransiskus Asisi) and was registered with the name Barry Soetoro. Barry Jr lived with his mother and stepfather in the Menteng area. Just like other kids, Barry loved to play with his friends although sometimes he also fought with them. Barry was known to be quite eloquent in Indonesian language, whereas he spoke Indonesian in school and English at home. He only had trouble in communicating with his second language during his first six months in Indonesia.

Barry has a stepsister from his Mom’s marriage with Stepdad L. Soetoro, who was named Maya Kassandra Soetoro. Today Maya is teaches in a state university in America. Maya has already had a daughter from her marriage to a Vietnamese man.

Barry Soetoro Jr. now takes his father’s surname – Barack Obama. Before becoming a senator, Barack Obama was a lecturer in a university in Illinois. He was married to an American woman who then gave birth to two daughters. Barack Obama was then endorsed by the Democrat Party faction.

Now America has two charismatic senators on their way to the White House. Other than Obama, the other candidate is Hillary Clinton (59). It would be interesting to see how American public would give their vote.

If Barack Obama wins the upcoming election, then be prepared to have Indonesian leaders lobbying to the White House, because the No.1 man there not only can speak Indonesian, but he also has an emotional affinity with Indonesia. Barack Obama is not the kind of person who forgets his roots easily, as proven when he was elected senator, he invited his paternal Kenyan family. When Indonesia was struck with the Bird Flu which was a hot issue back then, Barack Obama came to Indonesia with all his old memories.


Above is the English translation by Toshihiko Atsuyama of this Indonesian site, hence courtesy is fully held by Kabar Indonesia.

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