Charles Darwin revoked his own Evolutionism theory? Don’t believe it, it’s a myth!

Yes, it’s a myth. Despite being a Catholic myself, I always personally find it easier for me to believe in Evolutionism instead of Creationism. But hell no, this isn’t about my own views but rather, ones that I heard from a friend (plus background reading from Wikipedia).

Here is how the distorted story come about.

Do you know of the “Lady Hope Story”? It’s an urban legend of how Charles Darwin, in his deathbed, reverted back to Christianity (he was originally baptised as an Anglican before he became an Agnostic later on). However, such claims were refuted by Darwin’s children and have been dismissed as false by historians. His daughter, Henrietta, who was at his deathbed, said that he did not convert to Christianity. His last words were, in fact, directed at Emma, his wife: "Remember what a good wife you have been.”

If you follow the hyperlink above and read the whole story for yourself, you could find how the story is indeed too good to be true. The language is so romantically flowery that made me teary-eyed (yes, sarcasm intended).

The Lady Hope Story was accepted as verity by some and rejected by most. The ones who accepted it as truth were, of course, THOSE groups (I better not name which groups they are as not to invoke criticism).

Then, some blinded fanatics from THOSE groups went as far to distort the story further by saying, “Darwin also revoked his own Evolutionism theory, you know. He regretted having made such claims at all, which was very sinful at its core.”

Most people of THOSE groups now have omitted away the Lady Hope Story altogether as to make the story more credible.

Bah! THOSE groups should consider do some background readings from Wikipedia first before making such claims.

Don’t make my foot laugh, for goodness sake. I’m not being the 2nd Dan Brown here, by making controversial claims for myself. Nor do I intend to reduce your faith.

Rather, I’m opening your eyes to the REAL truth. If you believe in Him as your saviour, then you could always continue believing in him, regardless of whether you believe humans are derived from apes or not.

Now that you think of it, how does believing in Evolutionism affect our Christian faith? Even the Apostles’ Creed (the core declaration prayer for both Protestantism and Catholicism) does not mention “God created Human as their form now”. Don’t take the 6-days creationism in Genesis too literally, people.

Adriano F S Araújo  – (8 March 2009 at 12:06)  

God made each life forms second your self species without evolution. If you accept evolution you deny special creation for God. God is forever and your creation too. All lives have acidental diferences but in essence have a specific group that no change is the time. The days of God are different of ours days. Think about. God do not mistake or lie. The similarity is not evidence of evolution.

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