My nonstop pranks with Harry Potter spoilers (continued)

Warning: Spoilers of the book “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows” entail. Proceed reading at your own risk.

This is a continuation of my previous post, so basically you should read that post first before reading this one.

Do you know the Indonesian word “iseng”? Don’t bother looking in your Indonesian-English dictionary, it’s not even there.

Iseng is an Indonesian slang that has no exact English equivalent. The closest English equivalent I could find is:

iseng /isəŋ/ adj the characteristic of being puckish, having a penchant to do mischievous yet innocuous acts

That is a dictionary entry I made up myself, so don’t even bother asking which dictionary I’m using.

Well the point I’m gonna discuss today is that, according to most of my friends, I’m one of the most iseng person in the world. How iseng am I?

Let’s continue yesterday’s story with my Harry Potter spoiler.

Having spoiled the Harry Potter-reading of my friends, I decided that the prank I committed wasn’t iseng enough. I should plan a much more iseng act, one so mischievous that people could hardly ever forget it.

I started with my Friendster account by quoting various phrases from the book in my shoutout box. I know that a lot of my friends must’ve been very pissed off reading my Shoutout. But I don’t care.

The next target was the net café I frequent. I made a .jpg picture like this:

and copied them onto a couple of net café’s computers as wallpapers! Ain’t that iseng!

Here’s the English translation of the picture above:

In Book Seven:

  1. Harry succeeded in murdering Voldemort

  2. Harry and Ginny Weasley got married

  3. Ron and Hermione got married

  4. THE ONES MURDERED were Snape, Dobby, Hedwig, Fred Weasley, Lupin and Tonks

  5. It will be let known that Snape murdered Dumbledore at Dumbledore’s own request

  6. George Weasley was permanently handicapped

  7. Harry died temporarily when he was killed by Voldemort

My next target was then: Gramedia.

On my next visit to Gramedia, I waited in front of the Harry Potter section in Gramedia until there are enough people to spoil the story to.

After there were at least two families (two couple of parents with their kids) browsing thru the book, I then decided it’s time to act.

I “accidentally” passed behind them while shouting various key plot spoilers.

I couldn’t imagine how miffed they became, as I didn’t even dare to glance at their faces to see their expression.

By now you must be thinking what a weirdo I am.

I’d like to disagree, but hey, there is truth in that statement. And I should be proud of it, shouldn’t I?

Anyway, how iseng do you think I am now?

It’s just too bad that April Fools’ doesn’t occur once a month…

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do s.t. for fun, do s.t. without any serious purpose. iseng-iseng 1 do s.t. just to amuse o.s. 2 casually, leisurely.


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