Internet browser preference: Mozilla Firefox is the best!

The blog poll in the right-hand side of this page has been put for quite a time as for today, but there has been only three responses so far and hey, that’s not the way surveys work!

I'm thinking of closing that poll tomorrow.

Anyway, today I’m gonna talk about Firefox and why I love it.

First and foremost, its Ctrl+T (Tabbing) option. Firefox is the pioneer in this matter, and other copycats (such as that notorious IE) does not deserve to be called better than Firefox.

Hey, now that I see it, the initial of Mozilla Firefox (which is MF) may carry a very insulting connotation in English. Lols.

Let me carry on.

The second thing that I love about MF (stop associating that initial to that negative connotation of Mother-F, pls!) is that it can have a lot of extensions and themes in the add-ons section, a stuff which IE lacks.

MF is also more eyecandy than its rivals.

Last yet not least, in MF you can conveniently save the web page you're opening (Ctrl+S) instantly unlike IE where you have to wait for minutes.

Not to forget mention Opera, though.

But hey, Opera’s tabbing option (Ctrl+N) is a hell lot peskier than MF’s, as the distance between the Ctrl key and the N key in our QWERTY keyboard is comparatively further than those between Ctrl and T.

Thus, MF still holds the top spot.

For those of you anime-lovers out there, there is this anime-oriented browser (which goes under Mozilla name-ship) called “lolifox” that carries exactly the same interface, options and functionalities as MF, only with a different logo. You can google for it.

lolifox (mind the small “L”) is cuter than Firefox, which is why I use it more often than its sibling.

For those of you social-networking-lovers out there, there is a social-networking-oriented browser (under the Mozilla name-ship too) that focusses more on heaps of networking stuff like Myspace, Flickr, Photobucket, and Blogs.

And to answer your dying question:

Nope, I haven’t uninstalled IE yet. Not for the time being. I actually hate to admit it, but
at least in terms of who plays Flash (.swf) files the best, IE is still the one.

Thus, I have no plans to uninstall IE. And don't uninstall yours.


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