The two books I’m gonna save if my house was burning down

I don’t remember the exact wordings, but there is this section in the second last page of the Singapore newspaper Straits Times where various public figures are posed with the same question every week on its bookish section:

Q. “If your house was burning down, which books would you save?”

As a book-lover myself, I don’t know if I’m gonna be posed with such a question one day, so let me just prepare the answers beforehand! ^^

A. Of course the first thing I would save are my certificates, my ACS prelim test papers, and my Computer Hard Disk where important and unexchangeable memories are kept. But as they wouldn’t qualify as books in the first place, let me stick on answering the question.

  1. My ACS 2006 yearbook. ACS(I), my former school in Singapore, is the place where I learned for the first time the meaning of friendship, enmity, hardwork, determination and love. Oh well, let’s omit the last part because it’s a boys’ school after all and I’m definitely not a gay, though I must admit I almost turned one there. Or let’s just call that love as “brotherly” (no other connotations intended)
  2. Paperback Longman Dictionary. You may wonder why I would ever want to save a paperback, but it isn’t the monetary value that makes me fond of it after all. I could easily obtain the same copy of it by going to Kinokuniya in Plaza Senayan, but this dictionary is the most faithful book that I always refer to in times of hardships (read: encounters with verbose words) which is why I’m greatly fond of it. And hey, it was bought as my 15th birthday present! (to be noted: it was a gift bought by myself for myself)

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