Happy Birthday to me!

15 November 2004.

It was my 15th birthday.

The first time I celebrated it without my family. It was Idul Fitri, and schools were off.

That was also the day I first rode an MRT together with my fellow Balinese scholars BooN, Ivan, and Koko. Went to Kinokuniya in Orchard, and bought a “Longman Dictionary—Low Price Edition” for SG$16.70 as a birthday present to myself.

15 November 2005.

My 16th birthday.

I celebrated it at home in Tanah Kusir, as I got the chance to went back to Jakarta just two weeks before my birthday.

15 November 2006.

My 17th birthday.

At precisely 12 a.m., I was in the boarding school field, celebrating my own birthday by running round the field. I avoided all my friends in the first hour of that day, and made a wish to God that my 17th year would be much more productive than the former.

Finally, I reached my Indonesia’s coming-of-age limitation.

But I was in Singapore and I’m facing the last three days of my ‘O’-level papers. And dammit, I was having Physics paper!

I didn’t care. Did I study for that Physics paper? Not really. Despite being the only Science ‘O’-level that I took, I revised my Sec 3 and Sec 4 books for only an hour and stayed up late until 4.a.m, enjoying the Korean drama series Sassy Girl Chunhyang episode I just downloaded using BooN’s laptop.

As a result, I caught cold during my Physics paper. However, I fought the battle and obtained a B3 (65-69% point) for that paper. I knew I could’ve done better if I studied longer.

Bah, I don’t care. The Physics paper had violated the sancitity of my birthday anyway.

15 November 2007.

My 18th birthday.

Finally, I’m categorised as lawfully mature according to most Western states (incl.USA). What am I doing now? I’m blogging, amidst all the typing and cacophonies of Ragnarok, DotA, Seal, and Gunbound in the net café.

My wish for the productiveness of my 17th year wasn’t fulfilled by God. As the way I see it now, my 17th year was apparently the least productive, as I was unemployed for almost the entire year.

As I’m gonna spent the next few months abroad and alone this time, there’s no questioning that my 18th year is gonna be my most challenging year. It may not be productive, but it would still be challenging.

Anyway, happy birthday to me!

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