How to change the Background Music in Virtual Villagers 2 with your own song

I experimented this only out of curiosity but… hey,this thing really works! Just follow the steps I’ve given and there won’t be any problem

  1. In your Hard Disk Drive, open C: >> Program Files >> Virtual Villagers 2 >> Sounds
  2. Inside the folder Sounds, cut (Ctrl+X) the files named “song1”, “song2”, “song3”, “song4”, and “menu” out of the folder. You may delete those files if you don’t like them, but I don’t recommend you that.
  3. Then, still on the same page, open Tools >> Folder Options >> View.
  4. Uncheck the box “Hide extensions for known file types”

(Leave it as it is if it’s already unchecked)

  1. Open another folder where you keep your songs and choose 5 (FIVE) songs you want to put as the BG music in VV2. Copy the songs, and paste them in the folder Virtual Villagers 2 >> Sounds
  2. Change the songs’ name into “menu.ogg”, “song1.ogg”, “song2.ogg”, “song3.ogg”, and “song4.ogg” respectively. You may want to put your most favourite song as “song1.ogg”, because you’ll be listening to it the most often.
  3. And yes, when I tell you to change the song’s extension, change it! Otherwise the whole thing won’t work. For example, if the song’s name originally was “Overprotected.mp3”, you must change it into “menu.ogg”, “song1.ogg”, “song2.ogg”, “song3.ogg”, or “song4.ogg

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