An explanation

Sorry for the meaningless blog posts over the last few days… I copied stuff from elsewhere like Wikipedia and a couple of .pdf collections of mine in order to keep my blog alive, and without the intention of ignoring your e-mails, Jakartass, I went thru some sort of a very bitterly emotional experience just a day before Idul Fitri that I couldn’t have anything in mind that inspired me anything environmental for the Blog Action Day last Monday.

I’ve just recovered from some sort of nervous breakdown which unfortunately is so confidential and personal in nature that I can’t blog about it here…

For a couple of you smart aleck guessers out there who thinks that my so-called “emotional experience” has anything to do whatsoever with love, broken-heart, boyfriend-girlfriend relationship and so on, let me tell you guys that you are utterly wrong.

Should I ever go emotional because of love relationship, I always prefer to compose a poem instead to calm myself down, and this method always succeeds.


Because I’m not your typical next-door-teenager to naively be affected by such stupid love problems… No. The problem I went thru is a hell lot larger than that.

For the next couple of months, I don’t think I’d be ready to go thru all the emotions yet, let alone writing any poems about it. Even if I ever blog about it, I’d only keep it in my blog draft, and it’s very unlikely that I’d ever make this problem known to the public. So let me just put that behind and let go what has gone…

d  – (19 October 2007 at 13:52)  

Sorry for whatever shit that's bothering you. Hope you'd be OK soon. Being so far away from home without family and friends here, freeze my ass off (it's only Fall, not even Winter yet), I'm sensing a nervous breakdown approaching me, lol...

Jakartass  – (19 October 2007 at 23:58)  

Time (generally) heals, T.

BTW. You were the first to alert me to Blog Action Day, for which thanks. Shame it happened this year in the middle of the Muslim world's major holiday.

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