A Simple Continuation

So what exactly have I studied over the last few months?

A little. Little here, little there… Most of the time I study Japanese and browse downloaded pages of Wikipedia…

An odd hobby, eh? Yeah, you bet.

For me, Wikipedia-browsing is one of the numerous things I do in order to keep myself literate, especially regarding my English proficiency. As Wikipedia is well-known as an encyclopedia that anyone can edit, I daresay its neutrality is much more guaranteed than any other sources of infos..

Sometimes I also continue my Esperanto mail correspondence and listen to BBC podcasts.

What stuff have I read since last January?

A lot. Early this year, I read (studied, actually) “Remembering The Kanji Vol.1” by Heisig

Then, Da Vinci Code (finally!).

7th Harry Potter book (of course!).

Sometimes Reader’s Digest, sometimes TIME

And last, I’m reading Eragon.

Now, I’d like to give a comment about Eragon. I dunno why, but I may say this is the most unique fantasy I’ve ever read. I don’t say it’s my most fave though (bcoz Harry Potter’s still the top spot!). Reading Eragon, I always feel like kinda transported into the world, you know, Alagaesia...

I’ve been reading Eragon for a month now. In comparison, on average I finish a HP book in three days and a Narnia book in two. I don’t read LOTR in case anyone’s wondering, the book is simply too thick for me to read.

Eragon’s story is not as unputdownable like Harry Potter or as full-of-fantasy as Narnia, but its slow-paced plot enables me as a reader to savour it slowly… It’s just wonderful. I just love it.



Nowadays, since there is the Indovision subscription at home (for the sake of space-saving, I decided to abandon yesterday’s “Home or House” argument), I’ve been watching TV most of the time now. My visits to net café have stopped, as now I’ve got better things to do at home ^^

Just today, I got freaked out just over looking for a college in USA. I was unable to find a Community College in America that offers a major that I’m looking for (Linguistics), and after a long discussion w/ Mom in the afternoon, I finally decided to take Business Management in Henderson CC, Kentucky. I just hope my application later turns out well…

Speaking of application, I was reminded by a note in my handphone that the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) application deadline is coming in less than two weeks. What the hell?!! I had made a mental note that the deadline is on 11 September, and even on 11 August I was still lax in applying for it. But now the deadline is nearing, I panicked! Huh, now I’ll just have to promise myself to make sure to get myself registered latest by this Saturday…

Let’s talk about movies.

Movies? It’s gonna be a long, long blog then. I’ve developed a penchant for various kinds of movie, especially East Asian ones. To cut a long story short, let me just discuss abt those I just watched recently.

Hotel Rwanda:

Five stars for this one! Exceptionally thrilling true-story movie. Its historical background is a very educational one indeed, it’s like watching a Holocaust documentary, you know...

Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix:

No, I haven’t watched it. Lolz.

I’m serious, for goodness sake! I only like the books, not the movies. The movies are all poor audio-visual representations for Rowling’s stories… (Though I must admit thet Alfonso Cuaron had done a fabulous job doing the 3rd!)

CSI Miami:

Well, this ain’t exactly a movie, but a series… It was my my second fave after Desperate Housewives, but from Season 5 onwards I simply got bored with its repetitive plot: Locate a murder - Trace the clues back in lab - Interrogate ppl - and Catch the bad guy at the end... It’s now my 3rd fave.


Hmm… This is my 2nd fave series now. Last night I watched the 18th episode in StarWorld, and the plot is always unpredictable that makes me enjoy watching it very much.

Oh, it’s 9:30 p.m. now, which is an hour before Heroes starts on TV. I wanna study now before turning on the TV. ^^

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