Indon vs Malay

Hm... I've been borrowing quite a lot of Classical Musics lately, bcoz the library has just made it available again (after their maintenance to the CD Borrowing library system). As I can see, the only CD available in my school library are only the Classical CDs, and if some of you think that they're boring, I don't think so! I really love Classical Musics... I'll tell you more about it this weekend, OK (Another promise again, hehex....)

Btw, can I discuss a bit about political issues?? I personally oppose you who insult or put Blogs, or whatever, in order to humilliate Malaysia. I know from the newspaper about those disputes in Kalimantan, and I'm ashamed as an Indonesian that some of the Indonesian held a demonstration in which they burnt a Malaysian flag. That's so spiteful!! Well, actually in this case I wannabe neutral, I dun wanna support either both. And I expect you, Indonesians , to act neutral too, as the dispute with Malaysia is only an issue among the governments of both side. Do you all think that you're smart enough in the Politic world??????

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