I am playing Pokémon Go using wifi-only connection, in French!

Though Pokémon Go was released on 6th of July in the US, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and several other similarly-awesome countries, I did not install it on my iPod Touch until the 8th of July because I had other matters to tend to.

And little did I realize that I was missing out!

However, now that I have installed it, I discovered that the language of my Pokémon Go corresponds to the language I use on my iPod Touch, which is...French!

Ah yes, I simply chose Team Mystic because blue is the closest color to my favourite colour of all time, aquamarine. Also for the fact that the French call it Équipe Sagesse (Team Wisdom), which gives it a Ravenclaw-like aura.

Do you remember that I do not have a mobile data plan on my cellphone? Though I own a Samsung Galaxy S5 now, I only bought it for its high-resolution camera. This means that in the last two days alone, all the Pokémons I have caught are locatednot too far from a wireless router.

These are the Pokémons I have caught so far:

Those names are the original French names, as giving a nickname to Pokémons is something I had never done (even during the good ol' days of playing Pokémon Red, Gold, etc).

For those of you unfortunate enough to be living in countries without Pokémon Go, you only see 19 Pokémons on my screenshot even though the Pokémon list says 28 out of 250. This is because some of them are Pokémons I have lovingly evolved myself!

This wifi-only connection is a handicap, because this means I will never be able to challenge a gym if it had not had a wifi connection present in its vicinity. So who knows, I may just decide to obtain AT&T's $45/month prepaid plan which also includes mobile data sometime soon...

I may decide to post more updates on my plan to become Pokémon Master once I have reached my goal of obtaining 50 Pokémons, so stay tuned!

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