"World War Z" movie review

Since the movie is based on a book by Max Brooks, I do not know to what extent could we blame the plot's holes on the director Marc Forster. For those wanting a blend between "Resident Evil" and "The Day After Tomorrow", this is your movie. But be forewarned of the glaring plot holes.

Looks more like a video game poster

First, for an epidemic that occurs on a global scale, it seems somewhat odd that only USA and hardly any other countries are doing something about it. Even then, USA does not seem to knowledgeable about the disease, relying on Gerry  (played by Brad Pitt) and a Harvard virologist (who is shown to be killed not long in the movie), accompanied by heavily-trained soldiers who have so little knowledge about pathology. Thus, the entire country, or even planet, relies on TWO PEOPLE to do research about the virus... I mean, seriously?

Second, the Israeli wall scene seems a bit off. In the Israeli wall zombie attack scene is shown heaps of zombies making a mountain of themselves in order to climb the wall. Then, Gerry's conclusion was that the zombies were attracted by the noise of people singing. C'mon. Even if those Jerusalemites were only whispering, half a million people standing close to a wall would surely attract zombies.

Third, is the fact that the aeroplane crash seem to occur conveniently close to the UN health facility in Cardiff. Also, the only two survivors of the crash was...who else? Gerry and Segen, the Israeli soldier he has picked up at Israel (played by Daniella Kertesz). It is not shown how long Brad Pitt walked from the site of the crash to the health facility building, but judging from the fact that they didn't have to spend a night on the road, they probably walked there three or four hours, at most. The coincidence is a bit stretched thin here.

Fourth, is the fact that it is Gerry who found the vaccine! Infect yourself with a deadly pathogen, everyone...and you'll be saved! There are at least five other actual scientific researches in that health facility building, and it never occurred to them to try out a vaccine like that.

For an overtly-hyped zombie thriller drama, I must say that "World War Z" is rather disappointing. Yes, it has exciting trailer. Yes, it has fast-moving zombie attack scenes. The CGI is excellent too.

However, such great-looking features are unfortunately accompanied by weak story line.

Rating: 6 stars out of 10


It has been over a year...

...since I last updated this blog.

I'm dual-majoring in Computer Science and International Studies with minor concentration in French at my current university. With the number of credit hours I am taking (18 credit hours/semester), it does not seem like I'd have much free time anytime soon. I'm also the Vice President of the university's Badminton Club.

When I do have free time, I spend it working at my part time job (which I couldn't disclose here for privacy reasons). Or watch some show episodes on Netflix. Or communicating with my long-distance American girlfriend in Illinois.

My university, which is located at the northern part of Kentucky (as the name says), is where I spend most of my time these days.

It's a decent place to pursue education, though the drab colour of the buildings is reminiscent of that of prisons (these are other people's words, not mine).

Personally, I don't really care about the visual aspect. The quality of education is decent, the in-state tuition is affordable (around US$ 9,500 per annum), the students are awesome, the activities are vibrant, and most of the professors I've had are PhD-educated.

So...yeah, things are cool.


Majoring in Comp. Sci., now I realize what a mess this blog's HTML is. I shall fix it when I have time.


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