A conversation

Below is a conversation between two unidentified strangers I happened to overhear quite a while ago.

female: So if you don't have any family members in America, why exactly do you come to the country?
male: Because...hmm...
female: Hmm?
male: ...because I wanna meet you! *flirtatious grin*


Summer smile

I see aplenty beautiful ladies everyday
As my job is in handling customer service

But whenever you are in sight
from the very first time we met, till the night I finally asked you out
Every word supposedly said is reduced to monosyllabic vox

Barely can even look at you straight in the eye
such blonde hairs, beautiful blend, perfect match
with that hazel eyes of yours
and the insouciant gaze you have
and what a cute smile

Might fancy myself to think that I'm over heels
infatuated, attracted, in love..or whatever it is!

I don't care, I don't care what they say
I'm crazy for you, girl!

~from Toshi, for the lovely blonde lady with initial K, written on 1 September 2010


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