List of relevant places in Northern Kentucky

Below is a list of all relevant places I have to visit on a regular basis in and around Florence, with their exact locations on Google Map:

  1. St Timothy Catholic Church
  2. Boone County Scheben Library
  3. Wal-mart
  4. Save-a-lot (low-price supermarket)
  5. Kroger's (supermarket)
  6. Job place [not available yet]


on Wild honeysuckler

There is a body spray in the bathroom with the scent of wild honeysuckler, and it emits exactly the same aroma I smell when going to Indonesian traditional wedding ceremonies.

I wonder if that really is the fragrance they use in those ceremonies...wild honeysuckler.


Now available in black

Found this on a joke shop in Florence Mall. Apparently, it's a postcard.


Indo-lyric: Cintaku (Chrisye)

English translation:

My Love

I'll go on with this song
an epitome of my deep feelings
like a world artist
who holds love in high regard

how nice it feels
to be consumed by love
like the morning dew
touching the grasses

love is what I'll give
for your peaceful heart
my love is passionate
as beautiful as the evening violet
no power could overcome
the beauty of making love

how I long for your presence
in every nights of mine
I am lonely

I don't want my soul to be anxious
hoping you'll be mine

Original lyric in Indonesian:

Kan kujalin lagu
bingkisan kalbuku
bagi insan dunia
yang mengagungkan cinta

betapa nikmatnya
dicumbu asmara
bagai embun pagi
yang menyentuh rerumputan

cinta akan kuberikan
bagi hatimu yang damai
cintaku gelora asmara
seindah lembayung senja
tiada ada yang kuasa melebihi
indahnya nikmat bercinta

betapa kudamba hadirmu
di tiap malam-malamku
sepi diriku

tak ingin risau jiwaku
mengharapkan engkau menjadi milikku


Gelid summer

Florence is located in the 38th parallel line of latitude, yet it ranges around 18-20 degrees Celcius for the last three days.

What a cold summer.

Every Americans around me tell me that this is the most suitable climate for them, but apparently not for me.

It even dropped to 16 degrees Celcius this morning, and I had to wear long-sleeve and jeans, while every other Americans around me are wearing T-shirts and shorts.


Last day of waterpark

Today is the last day the Florence waterpark opens. Apparently, most (outdoor) swimming pools in the northern part of America only opens during the summer holiday season when it is more profitable to let them open.

The kids originally planned to swim today. Too bad the plan doesn't work.

~post'script: The weather has been eerily cold for the last two days, despite being a Summer day. It was 20 degrees celcius yesterday, and 18 degrees today.


Dishwasher and Vacuum Cleaner

So far, the two new appliances I've learned to operate here are the dishwasher and the vacuum cleaner, two electronic items which are only found amongst the highest social strata in Indonesia (but common in USA).


Current height and weight

I currently weigh 61 kg (131 lbs) and stand at 174 cm (5'8''), which is kinda close to the ideal body I long for.

Another additional 3 kg would make my body ideal (with a difference of 110 digits between my heights and weights)


When the dogs no longer bark

When the dogs no longer bark, it is a sign of acceptance.

Sarah and Dusty no longer bark at me. They don't even threaten to bite as they used to when we first met.

That's a good sign.


A Florence update

As for today, I've stayed in Miami for eight days, Covington for three weeks, and Florence for five days.

So far, the Florence experience is the most pleasant one of all.

I won't go into any depths telling what kind of travesty I had to traverse during my Miami and Covington days, but I'm quite glad to say that those days had passed.

Now I indulge myself in the daily routines of having these activities below:

  1. Practising my basketball shoot
  2. Tossing American football with David
  3. Watch plenty of DVDs for night marathons (I have a TV for myself here)
  4. Doing some house chores
  5. Biking
  6. Go online
  7. Reading a good book from the library
  8. Playing Nintendo Wii
  9. Waiting for the job call
Is that all?

Nope, I think I left out "swimming" and "strolling by the creek" and "going to the drive-in theatre"... But that's all I could elaborate here.

If anyone is wondering in whose residence am I staying now, I would like to make a long story short that I'm staying with a family friend.

Or, as I can sum up my whole Florence experience in one word: Homestay.


Indo-lyric: Kau cantik hari ini (Lobow)

English translation:

You look beautiful today

it's been a long while to see
the you I've always wanted
sometimes I remember sometimes I don't
how you are

you're beautiful today
and I like it
you look different
and I like it

I don't know why on earth
you are standing there
my blood flow stops
as you look into my eyes

I won't let it happen again
for you to disappear of my life

Original lyric in Indonesian:

lama sudah tak kulihat
kau yang dulu kumau
kadang ingat kadang tidak
bagaimana dirimu

kau cantik hari ini
dan aku suka
kau lain sekali
dan aku suka

entah ada angin apa
kau berdiri di sana
berhenti aliran darahku
kau menatap mataku

takkan kubiarkan lagi
kau menghilang dari kehidupanku


So it's independence day

So it's the Indonesian independence day now.

I would like to express my love for Indonesia but...nah, why should I?

Well don't misunderstand. Having experienced living my teenagehood in three different countries give me a lesson to NOT love any countries at all.

If you ask me what I really am, I'd prefer saying a Global Citizen.

Yes, a Global Citizen. I don't prefer USA to Indonesia or the other way round.

Because I love neither.

Both countries have their own advantages and downsides, and they are not supposed to be pitted against one another for a fierce competition on which is better than which.


I'm 19

In Indonesia, people usually think I'm older than I really am. They think I'm 21 or older.

In America, people think I'm younger than I really am. Their guess hits 17 or younger.

Oh well.


Drive-in movie theatre

Just watched Aliens in the Attic and G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra in a drive-in movie theatre in the neighbouring state of Ohio yesterday. The entire Schreiber family went and took me there, with two cars for all nine of us.

It was freezing cold when the movie ends at 00.45. The temperature fell to around 19 degrees Celcius, despite now being summer.


Florence and Covington

So far, I've stayed in Jim's place in Covington for three weeks and Kerry's place in Florence for two days.

I like Florence better. There is a more vibrant and lively atmosphere in this city, with the population belonging to a younger age group and the streets more spacious.

Covington is an old city, with old buildings and a population which mostly consists of senior citizens


The new F-word

Fart is the new four-letter F-word.

I love to use that word freely, because despite its bowel associations, it is not a vulgar word...haha.

Fart you.


Indo-lyric: Kau bukan untukku (Sahara)

English translation:

You’re not for me

Everything's been uncovered
the secrets inside you
now I know that your heart
is not for me

It's useless that we
talk about love
if you
always go away from me

Is it wrong for me to
let go of all anxieties
coz I know your true love
is not for me

No matter how big the love anxieties I used to have
now has gone by all wounds

Let me go
with the darkness and chill of the night
feel this heartache
that I have to go thru

Let me go
to forget you and kill your love
Oh my dear
it's wrong if I have to hang on

everything's over
all stories between us
you're not for me

Original lyric in Indonesian:

Terungkap sudah semua
Rahasia dalam dirimu
Kini kutahu hatimu
Bukan untukku

Percuma saja kita
Bicara tentang cinta
Bila dirimu
Selalu berpaling dari diriku

Salahkah aku bila
Lepaskan semua resah
Karena kutahu cinta sejatimu
Bukan untukku

Besar resah cinta dulu aku punya
Kini hilang terkikis oleh semua luka

Biarkan aku pergi
Bersama malam gelap dan dingin
Rasakan sakit hati
Yang harus aku lalui

Biarkanlah saja aku
Lupakan dirimu bunuh cintamu
Oh Kekasihku
salah bila aku harus bertahan

Usai sudah semua
Cerita antara kita
Kau bukan untukku


Drinking too much soda

Being in America, I drink soda a lot.

Sometimes, I could have as much as four cans of soda a day. A sickening level indeed, that's a level that would provide an alarm for all my fellow Asians.

But apparently, I have little choice, haha. Not if I want to have a taste on my drinks, because soda are priced less expensive than juice drinks.


Having rice and noodle in USA

American (processed/microwaveable) food are fine, but when it comes to rice or noodle products, they suck.

The rice products are too oily, seems that Americans want to make their food appear as "Asian" as possible that they immerse the rice in any oil greases they could add it to.

The noodle products, on the other hand, are bland.

Totally bland, accompanied by one seasoning powder and nothing else.

The only choice for me to look for tastier Asian food is of course, Chinese restaurants. There, I could have fried rice for as low as $4.00 per portion.


Indo-lyric: Gelora Asmara (Duo Derby)

English translation:

Love Passion

Come and express your love
Say that you want me
Come and bring the flowers
So that you could make me fly

I am here waiting sweetly for your coming
I just wanna make sure that you will not regret
For having chosen me
Who will always make your life beautiful

Come and express the promise of love
Coz this one is gonna be your last
Come and bring me with you
Together with all love passion

repeat Reff

Your life's beautiful
Your life's beautiful

Original lyric in Indonesian:

Datanglah nyatakanlah cintamu
Katakan bahwa kau menginginkan diriku
Datanglah bawalah bunga-bunga
Agar kau dapat membuat diriku terbang

Aku disini duduk manis menantimu
Akupun ingin membuat kau tak menyesal
Bahwa kau telah memilih diriku ini
Yang akan terus membuat hidupmu indah

Datanglah nyatakan janji cinta
Yang akan kau ucapkan itu yang terakhir
Datanglah bawalah aku pergi
Bersama dengan semua gelora asmara

kembali ke Reff

Hidupmu indah
Hidupmu indah


Fortune cookies

Cooking is easy, doing dishes is the hard part

~from a Chinese Restaurant in Florence, KY


Amuses and Muses (2)

by Catherine Lim

… Amuses

Said the priest: 'Beware this sinful organ'
I shall not mention it by name
It gives man so much pleasure
But causes much regret and shame!

'Though it's only a small roll of flesh
From it all mischief has sprung
I will now show you this monster!'
And the priest put out his tongue

… Muses

At death it's back to ashes
Our destiny is clear and set
Since matter is indestructible
We may have immortality yet.

But what if Hitler's particles
Blowing randomly in creation
Get mixed up with other matter
And enter a future generation?


French Gmail and Facebook

I've set my Gmail and Facebook account to French, and have no plan to reset it back to English. It's just safer to have some of my personal links in French, for the sake of confidentiality.

Because both of those accounts are always logged in to mine and anyone else in the house could have opened it by accident anytime.


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