First video entry

This week I'm going to start experimenting in Youtube-hosted videos on this blog. In other words, transforming Foreign Prophecies into a Vlog ("video blog").

Today's introductory video does look very amateur, since I videotaped the entire thing myself.

Firstly I would focus on making monologues, but I may post videos of other stuff I find interesting in the future too. Please do let me know what you think.


Steve Jobs: A Legacy (1955-2011)

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.
- Jobs

Born in 1955, he was a Computer entrepreneur and inventor. Having founded Apple Inc. and cofounded Pixar Animation Studios, he helped made Silicon Valley the capital of technological innovation and related venture capital fortunes. His creation of iTunes had reformed the music industry. His invention of iPod helped weaned mankind of the big ol' bulky Walkman Cassettes and CD Players. And he brought Macintosh (now known as Mac) as a viable alternative to the relatively slower-paced Windows Operating System.

Yet Steven Paul Jobs was a humble man. In most of his public appearances, he donned black turtleneck and a dark blue denim.

Simple, yet smart.

This is exactly why, for a lot of us teenagers and young adults coming from all walks of life, he is seen as someone we can all aspire to.

We admire him for the simple products he created. We adore him for the way he kept us waiting in the dark for the next new iPod or iPhone or Mac products...only to be delightfully surprised with those sleek, minimalist, and elegant designs of his Apple products.

He reminded the world that the phrase "hi-tech" does not have to be synonymous with the word "complicated".

Some of us even aspire to become a person like him, even though we may not be a fan of Apple ourselves.

He left behind a legacy that had inspired young people everywhere, and though he is now gone, the future he created is in our hands.

When Jobs first came on the scene, it wasn't cool to be in business... Through the 1970s, the Dow hardly moved. Being in business was seen as being a total sellout. But Jobs was young and glamorous, and gave business that image. Now, young people aspire to be in business
- Alan Deutschman (author of The Second Coming of Steve Jobs)

Succinctly said.


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