Interact Club acivity: Flag Day

Today there was academic award which was held in the Auditorium... That's why i huijia earlier and can put blog entry at 12 pm. A bunch of smart ppl received the award.. i hope i can receive it for the next year too.. But i guess it would be difficult, huh??

Hm... Last Saturday was damn fun n interesting!!! The interact club activity, which was about collecting donations in the whole Singapore(the money will go to a hospital)... The interactors were divided into groups consist of four, and i got a group that collect donation around Plaza Singapura, juz outside the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. The collecting was started at 9 and ended at 4, and it was only 2 hours of the whole time given was spent around PlaSing, bcoz there were a lot of interactors from other schools, so they were somekind of rival, lor.. About 11, we moved on walking(and collecting donations from the other pedestrians) to Lucky Plaza in Orchard... There, we ate our lunch at McD, and found the ACS interactors who gets Orchard area, and found out that their donation tin was already full, very heavy. Mine was just still half full..

We found it exhausting when it was around 2 o'clock, and ordered a drink in a cafe.. U know wat, my friends juz slept in tat cafe!! Such a lazy thing to do, it was only me who stay awaken, and about half an hour later they woke up and we all continued collecting donation around Granger Rd..

By the end of the day, my tin was quite full and heavy.. Wat a great pleasant i had for it!! Especially activities like tis cannot be found in Indonesian schools.. HAHAHA.... SORRY FOR TEASING INDONESIAN SCHOOLS!

As a result for the exhausting Saturday, now i have been having a sore throat since yesterday. I dunno wat's the connection between my throat and the exhausted state, but it sure does have.Please pray so i'll get well soon, OK??


Flashback: Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam. Monday, 17 January 2005

I brought along my bag with me, because later on I would need my waterbottle and torch, which would be used inside the tunnel. When I had got out of the bus, the sunlight began to scorch my face and my neck, so I decided to wear my hat, but as the tour guide, Mr. Tran, guided my class 3.7 in entering the woods, I did not wear it anymore. We passed by three guerilla mannequins on display, and I was excited to see that they looked quite realistic.

Mr. Tran gave us a short explanation about the tunnels. There were basically used by the Vietnamese guerillas as a shelter from the American armed forces during the war. They provided amenities for their daily needs: rooms to sleep in (I do not use the term ‘bedroom’, later I’ll tell the reason), kitchens, living rooms, and even recreational rooms!

We then proceeded to the first tunnel. The entrance was not too big, and later on I learned that it had been widened so that the visitors could get in. When I got inside, I had to use my torch because in some parts it was quite dark, and I had to cover my nose due to the dust. I had to crouch for 20 metres until I saw a shaft of light and felt happy to get outside again.

Before getting into the second one, Mr Tran showed us the ventilation of the tunnel. It was camouflaged exactly like an anthill, and had holes which had been pierced by bamboo poles, that was why the tunnels were musty.

Mr Tran showed us the smallest tunnel I had ever known. The entrance was as big as half of my schooldesk, or even smaller than that.

The tunnel guide entered first, followed by some of the average-sized students. At first, no student thought that they would get in, but when one of my classmates, Woon Hann, managed to get in, the others just followed. I was hesitant whether I could get in. My main concern was not that I would not fit in, because my size would certainly fit in. Then I decided to do it, but what a pity I did not get the chance, because the teachers called us to go on to the next tunnel.

The third tunnel, which resembled the first one, was used as a room to sleep in (I would not call it a bedroom, because I think it is an uncomfortable place to be a bedroom). Not much can be seen in this tunnel, as it only had two twin beds, a bench, and a cupboard.

Well, the fourth, which was the last one, was the most exciting part of the day. Inside was the meeting room, and it was arranged exactly the same as it had been left. There was some kind of a conference table, with some mannequins of the guerillas.

I was startled when I saw them, because they looked different from the first three I had seen outside. The ones in the tunnel looked very realistic. Mr Tran then told us that we had three choices for the distance to the exit. They were 5 metres, 50 metres, and 120 metres. I quickly chose the first, as I feel breathless in that musty room and my life seemed to regain its vigour when I finally breathed the fresh air again.


Fines in Singapore

Hmm... Fridays are independence days, bcoz the school ends at 12.40(which from Mon-Thurz ends at 2.40pm). After 12.40 at freeday, most of the students usually involved in their UYOs(Uniform Youth Org), but I dun, bcoz mine is on Mondayz...Well, i'll tell more bout S'pore. As u know, tat S'pore is a country of fines, rite?? Actually, the fine rulez exist everywhere here.. Even punishment in my boarding school alwayz use fine, not physical ones like those in Indon.. Untidy room, defiance, ungentlemanly act, skipping Prep(preparation, time for studying), all have fines which usually is between $2-$10. Hm.. I have got fines several times, usually it'z bcoz of skipping the meals.. In here, the BS(Boarding Sch) has a system that each students must order the meals they wanna take for the weekends(Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners). They are free, indeed. But the problem is that i usually stay late during weekendz, and on the next day i can't take the breakfast bcoz of overslept. And the fine for skipping breakfast is $2. Total, i've paid fine $14(All for the same reason)....


A bit about the dorm I live in

Today's school was started with Physics, a lesson where the teacher is damn boring, and i spent almost the whole lesson half asleep(u know, like sleeping with the eyes open, lor). The second was A-Math, and yeah, in here Sec 3 was still studying about Logarithm, quite easy if we compare with Indo, huh??

Um... In here, u know, the jajan is quite expensive if we compare to those in private schools in Indon. Usually I jajan about $3.00 (Rp16,500) a day, a plate of some kind fried rice or we call it here nasi lemak and a glass of lemon tea. But actually i dun eat that nasi lemak, i juz come to the Japanese food stall for a plate of Unagi(Eel) Set. In here, it is a compulsory to jajan at school, bcoz that's the lunch for a day. So, we have to, otherwise we'll get famished...

Oh iya, i hav mentioned that i sometimes sleep during those boring lessons, rite?? Yup, for some of us ACSian scholars, class is our "second bedroom". Startled? Hahaha... Juz kiddin lor, dun take it seriously.....

I'll tell a story now about my daily life. I live in ACS(I) Boarding School, exactly at the first hall, Hall 1 (asrama dibagi menjadi 8 Hall, masing2 in charge of HallMaster and Halltutors yang menjaga para boarders).In my hall, there are about 50 boarders who live together like a big family). I live in a 4-bed-room, together with scholars from Bali, Vietnam, and PRC.

Tat's all about my boarding school.. heh... I'll tell more tomorrow, bcoz juz as usual, i only get the chance 30 minutez online in a day, using the school computer, u know.. A very short time, and i can't type with 10 fingers!!

OK then, tat's all for today, bubye!!


My Very First Blog!!

Today's blog... Wah, dunno what to write for today.PE(pelajaran Penjaskes) lesson at school tis morning made me quite tired for the whole day, and I spent the rest of my Math lesson which is boring with half asleep. Actually i dun really like the A-Math here, (In Singapore, Math for Sec School is divided by 2, A-Math(Additional Math) which is harder than Indon Math, and E-Math(Elementary Math) which is much easier). Yah, I juz struggle lah, with the subjects here like Chemistry, English Literature, and A-Math... Actually for the other Indon scholars, both Maths are easy, but it's a bit different for me. First lesson today was Physics, which is the test(There are quite a lot of tests lately, but different from Indonesia, S'pore schools only have tests once in two months, different from Indo which is once a week)... Haha...

Maybe all that for today... Oh ya, for you who dunno, i live in a boarding school of Anglo-Chinese School(Independent) in Dover, Singapore.. Life in here is very hectic lor, because although almost no tests, there are piles of homeworks to do everyday... And another thing, ACS(I) is a boys' school, which make life very boring or "colourless" during schooltimes, bcoz I dun see galz here... Galz really make life colourful, you know... Especially S'porean galz, most of them are huaren or Chinese descendants, and I like to see them better than Indonesian galz (Sorry for being DISCRIMINATE)... Haha... Ok then, maybe that'z all for today. I have made a very looong Blog today, bcoz.. yeah, maybe starting by today I'll try to write my schoollife in this blog everyday, juz to practise my "storytelling" abillities.. OK?!! Bubye!!


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